Sexton Glacier

Sexton Glacier is located at 48.70052, -113.6347. In 2005 this glacier covered an area of 276780 m2 and in 1966 it covered an area of 400444 m2 . That is a change of -30.90 % over this time period.


Most visitors to Glacier National Park stop at Sunrift Gorge but few realize that spectacular Bearing Creek began only a few miles away at Sexton Glacier. The inconspicuous trailhead is located halfway between the road and the overlook into the gorge and is missed by most. I wasn't sure what to expect on this trail, but it quickly became one of my favorite tails in Glacier. We left the trail about 6 miles from the trailhead and followed a goat trail the remaining mile into the glacier. For anyone who feels they can hike 12-14 miles in a day this glacier is very easily accessible.